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How do I determine the quantity of fabric, wallpaper or trim I need?

The quantity will vary based on the specs of the exact product you're using, including pattern repeat, width, and length (in the case of wallpaper rolls). Each project or space is different, so please consult with your workroom or installer to confirm.

For wallpaper, ensure your installer is estimating based on the specs of your specific paper. Many of the brands we work with do not use typical US roll sizes.

In the case of fabric, I can usually help with a rough estimate if you want to get an idea of your level of commitment before reaching out to a workroom for a firm quote.

Where can I find a workroom for my sewing or upholstery project?

We keep a list of workrooms around the US who are interested in working with our clients. Reach out to with a short description of your project as well as your location. All of our workrooms are willing to work on long-distance projects, but if we can connect you with someone local, even better!

Can I order more fabric, wallpaper or trim if I run short?

We can certainly try, but there is no guarantee more will be available in the same or a matching dye lot. Some products are consistent from production run to production run, but most products will vary. The inks could be a slightly different color, and/or the ground fabric or paper could have variation as well.

Be sure to consult with your workroom or installer to firm up quantities needed before placing an order, and consider purchasing extra just in case.

Should I request a CFA (cutting for approval)?

If you need a very specific color match, yes. Otherwise, usually not.

A CFA is a small cutting from the exact dye lot of product that has been reserved for your order. A regular sample may or may not be an exact match to the dye lot(s) in stock when you place your order, so if a specific color is of the utmost importance, you should request a CFA.

The mill will take a cutting from the material assigned to your order, then send it to Stuck on Hue, then we will forward it on to you for review and approval. This can add a couple weeks to the process.

If you approve the CFA, we're all set and your order will proceed to packing and shipping.

If the CFA does not meet your expectations, we will check whether another dye lot is available for review. If so, the process starts over. If not, we can ask the vendor to go back into production, which could take days or weeks or months, depending on their schedule. Of course, there is no guarantee a new production run will be the exact perfect dye lot either.

Shipping and Product Inspection

How quickly should I receive my samples?

Within 24 hours of payment, I will order your samples from the respective vendor(s). In-stock samples should ship within 1-5 days.

Any out of stock samples will ship once replenished. Usually this is within a few days or weeks, but on rare occasion samples could be out of stock for months while a vendor waits for more to be produced. In most cases I do not have access to check on stock or timing for samples.

If you ordered several samples from the same vendor and none have arrived within 2-3 weeks, please let me know, as occasionally shipments can get lost in transit.

Will I receive tracking when my order ships?

If I receive tracking from the vendor, I will update your order with
that info and send a ship notice so you know your item is on the way.

Many vendors do not provide tracking, unfortunately. Most samples are shipped USPS (some with tracking, some with a regular stamp), or occasionally FedEx or UPS. Most product shipments are sent FedEx or UPS.

What if my item arrives damaged or defective?

Please inspect each item upon receipt, especially if the package appears to have suffered damage in shipment.

On rare occasion a fabric or wallpaper may have printing flaws that were not caught by the mill. It is standard industry practice that all claims must be made prior to any product being cut. Please ensure each product has been inspected before use.

If there are any issues, notify immediately and provide photos to be submitted to the vendor.

Cancellations and Returns

Can I cancel my order?

For product orders, if the vendor itself has not yet processed the payment, there may be an opportunity to cancel. After that, the wheels are fully in motion. Canceled orders will be assessed a 4% payment processing fee, which will be deducted from your refund.

Sample orders cannot be canceled.

Do you accept returns?

Each product is special-ordered for you and is not returnable.


How can I purchase Stuck on Hue pillows?

After 10 years of making pillows for customers around the world, I'm taking a break from that part of the business for a while. Look for limited pillow pop-up collections to come back in the future.

Through my design concierge service, you can order fabric or trim yardage to have pillows made elsewhere, and I can help recommend workrooms if needed.

Will you be making holiday stockings again?

Does Buddy the Elf like maple syrup?! My fifth collection of holiday stockings will be available in October.

Do you have a trade program?

I have suspended my trade program at this time while the pillow shop is inactive.

How can we help?

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