Design Concierge Service: LIGHTING & LAMPSHADES

Through my Design Concierge Service, you can procure the
trade-exclusive and high-end light fixtures and lampshades that you covet -- at less than retail prices, and without hiring an interior designer.

Whether you need a show-stopping chandelier, functional-yet-pretty vanity lights, a lantern to welcome guests at the front door, or any project in between, we would be delighted to help as you
create a home that's unabashedly you.

Our brand partners

We can source light fixtures from subtle to showstopper from brands such as Vaughan, Urban Electric, Visual Comfort, and so many more.

When it comes to colorful lamp shades, the Brits do it best. Let us help you procure a special topper for your lamp from industry-favorites including Fermoie, Penny Morrison or Robert Kime.

Ready to light up your life?

Take the next step in adding that perfect light fixture or lampshade to your space.