How to size your pillow covers and inserts

In most cases, for square pillows, I recommend 20x20 or larger pillow covers. For lumbar pillow covers, I typically recommend 11x22 or larger. The perfect size is dependent on scale, location, and other factors.

Pillow covers need a slightly larger insert for a full look. (No wimpy pillows ever!) Here are suggested combinations for pillow cover and insert sizes:


17x17 cover --> 18x18 insert

18x18 or 18.5x18.5 cover --> 20x20 insert

19x19 cover --> 21x21 insert

20x20 cover --> 22x22 insert

21x21 cover --> 23x23 insert

22x22 cover --> 24x24 insert

24x4 cover --> 26x26 insert

26x26 cover --> 28x28 or up to 30x30 insert


11x15 or 12x15 cover --> 12x16 insert

11x17 or 12x17 cover --> 12x18 insert

11x18 or 12x18 cover --> 12x20 insert

11x19 or 12x19 cover --> 12x21 insert

11x21 cover --> 12x22 insert

11x22 or 12x22 cover --> 12x24 insert

12x36 cover --> 13x39 insert (custom size)

12x48 cover --> 13x52 insert (custom size)

12x18 cover --> 13x20 insert

12x19 cover --> 13x21 insert

13x18 cover --> 14x20 insert

13x20 cover --> 14x22 insert

13x22 cover --> 14x24 insert

13x33 or 14x33 cover --> 14x36 insert

14x36 cover --> 15x39 insert (custom size)

14x48 cover --> 15x52 insert (custom size)

14x20 or 15x20 cover --> 15x22 insert

14x28 or 15x28 cover --> 15x30 insert

15x22 cover --> 16x24 insert

15x24 cover -> 16x26 insert


Pillow covers are measured from inside seam to inside seam. Once they are stuffed with an insert, the finished dimensions will usually be an inch or two smaller.