Hollie stumbled into a new career in 2014 when a project to sew pillows for her own home snowballed into a business, and suddenly she was making designer pillows for customers around the world. Nine years and thousands of pillows later, Hollie still crafts every order herself in her home studio in Louisville, Kentucky.

Stuck on Hue is the perfect blend of Hollie’s background in communications and project management, her attention to detail, and her love of beautiful textiles. But the part of the job that fulfills her the most is helping customers create homes that tell their stories.

Hollie’s own home speaks to her love of mixing the old with the new. Treasures like an vintage Italian burlwood desk from an estate sale and a thrifted Asian screen mingle with a plush English roll arm sofa and a favorite Visual Comfort brass pendant. On the walls you’ll find lots of color, plenty of vintage oil paintings and framed botanicals, and a swoon-worthy Pierre Frey wallpaper. And of course there are plenty of beautiful pillows around!

Besides decorating, Hollie enjoys spending time with her husband Jason, whether it’s on a long walk ogling houses in their historic neighborhood, scouring a local estate sale, or exploring a new city during their travels around the U.S. or abroad.